Email marketing

E-mail marketing is still one of the most popular and most important forms of marketing and communication between businesses and customers. It is personal and allows marketing communication, which is more personal and deeper with your own user group.

People are listed for mailing lists, mainly because of news, discounts, and loyal customer preferences. By delivering value and engaging in fascinating content, customers appreciate the service more, which also leads to better opening and click through rates.

The content of email marketing communications must be meaningful and interesting to the recipients; including images or videos that please the eye and achieve their own goals. For example, e-mail opening rate (CTR) is up to 300% better if there is video in email.

Why email marketing?

  • Deeper relationship with customers and customer loyalty and commitment.
  • For information/announcements and customer loyalty benefits.
  • The accessibility of modern customers is targeted and efficient.
  • When well-done it is result-oriented.
  • Measurable and traceable.

Do you have the most powerful and productive communication tool?

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