Twitter advertising

Twitter-advertising for businesses in Finland is still quite fresh and maybe not that well exploited, but very popular worldwide. On Twitter, it’s possible for companies to use accurately targeted advertising to display ads containing texts, pictures, videos and links to the targeted audience you want.

On Twitter, it’s important to keep in mind the principle of the platform – real time updates. The average age of one tweet is about 18 minutes.

With Twitter advertising, you can reach more people and guide conversations (re-tweets, likes) increase your company’s follower count, direct people to your web site, collect leads or even directly increase your sales.

Why twitter advertising for businesses?

• Accessing a specific target audience.
• Advertising about your product/service.
• To follow conversation about your business.
• Having contact to potential customers.
• Interaction with customers.
• Build the brand.
• Increasing sales.

How do you communicate in Twitter? Do you use relevant # to your business?
Please be in touch so we’ll meet and get your Twitter on point.